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Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, DMV Documents, 

School Documents, 

Bank Documents, 

Vehicle Title, 

Real Estate Documents, General Letters Etc. 

This Is A Document That Gives Power To A Particular Person To Take Control Over Another Person Affairs 

See Fee Below 

2$ Each Signature 

Travel Fee (Vary Upon Location) 

Remote Notary (25$) 

Weekend Notary Fee 5$

Rates For Loan Signings

Loan Signing 100$

This Includes Any Mortgage Transfer Between Buying & Seller 

Reverse Mortg, Car Sale Loan, Personal Loan ETC. 

Fax Back 25$

Copies 1$ Each

E Docs 25$ 

Pickup/Deliver 30$

Witness Documents 50$ 

Loan Signings For:

Mortgage, Settlements, Closings, Sales, Loans, ETC. 


A Written Statement Confirmed By Oath 

See Fee Below 

2$ Each Signature (Walkin Price) 

Weekend Fee 5$

Remote Notary (25$) 

Travel Fee (Vary Upon Location) 

Laminate (5$) 

Statutory Declarations

Common Wealth Legal Document 

See Fee Below

 $2 Each Signature (Walkin Price) 

Travel Fee (Vary Upon Location) 

After Hours 

After Hours 

5;00 PM - 8:59 AM 

10$ & Up Plus Service Fee 

Winter Spring Summer Fall  Fee

See Below

Weekend Notary Fee 5$ Each Signature 


Birth & Death Certificates

These Are Offical Documents And Cannot Be Notarized See Vital Statistics/ Vital Records For These Documents. 

However The Application Of These Documents Can Be Notarize. 

125 Worth Street 

#144, New York, NY `0013 

(212) 639 - 9675


1875 Fortune RD, Kissimmee FL 34744

(407) 343 2000


807 W Church St, Orlando FL 32805

(407) 858 1460

Articles of Incorporation

Charter That Establishes The Existence Of A Corporation In The United States & Canada

Divorce Records

Dial 311 

Passport Photo

Pictures That Are 2X2 Used For Passports 

I.D. Cards, Green Cards, Applications Etc. 

(2) For 10$ 

Outside U.S. Passport Picture 20$ (Ex. Netherlands, Germany, Etc)

See Fee foreign 

Kuka Traveling Notary

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Notary Service 

2$ NY 

10$ FL 

Each Signature 

Video/ Audio Verification 25$ 

Travel Fee Vary Upon Location 

Remote Virtual Notary 25$

Lamination 5$ 

A Picture Of Your ID Will Be Taken For Notarization Record 

If You Don't Have ID You May Still Notarize 

9AM - 5PM EST 

2$ Each Signature NY

10$ Each Signature FL 

5PM - 8:59 AM 

10$ & Up 

Weekend Fee 5$ Each Signature 

Sun - Sat  

Passport Photo  




(2) For 10$

(2) For 20$

Lamination (5$) 

2X2 Photos 

First Time & Renewal Passport Applications Available 

Sun - Sat 

Print, Copy, Scan


Print, Copy,  & Scan 

Water Proof & Parchment Paper Used 

See Fax Below 

Reg Fax & Intl Fax

25$ International Fax   

5$ First Page 

1$ Additional Page

Witness Provided


Power Of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, Will 

5$ Each 

Lamination 5$

Sun -Sat 

After Hours 5:00 PM - 8:59 AM

10$ & Up

Weekend Notary Fee 5$ Each Signature

Plus Notary And Or Other Service Fees 

Price Decreased On Amount Of Paper Work 

Sun - Sat 

The earliest evidence of Notaries Public were the scribes used in Egypt, dating back to 2750 BC. These chroniclers were entrusted with handling official communications, including letters, proclamations or tax documents which must go through their hands to be effective.

Ancient Egyptian Notary 

Legendary, Professional, Excellence 


If You Have Any Queries Call Or Text Us Now 

 (904) 888 - 6990

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